Kathi’s Party Venue

Now here we are!  It’s been 20 years since my first party and our Hattiesburg location is a success.

We have also changed our business model with the Ellisville store and my parties. All my parties are now hosted at our Ellisville location, now dba Pepper’s Parties Venue. Everyone brings whatever food/drink they want to serve, as we’ve incorporated a place for your appetizers and beverages.

After snacking, I do my parties as I always have using the “old Ellisville Store.” It’s set up with my products that I discuss during the show with my table always ready for a show. After the presentation everyone is able to gather their goodies they want to purchase off the shelves and take them home with them. This allows me to have even more products than I had in my 20 boxes and suitcases!

Party guests can either all shop together or privately while the others socialize in the kitchen. Since we’ve always done the parties so that privacy is maintained, I really like being able to maintain the privacy aspect of purchasing. It gives you an opportunity to discuss anything with me in confidence, i.e., a sexual issue they are having or product questions.

I also have groups who are open books and who love to shop together. Either way is fine because we are always focused on pleasing our customers and ensuring they have a good experience at our stores and at the parties.

The other thing I really like about this model is that it opens the door for people to have a Pepper’s Party without worrying about a location. In the past when I would travel, all men and children had to leave the premises while we conducted the party and purchasing, leaving them out late at night. If I had a nickel for every time the husband would call and ask, “Can we come home yet” then I would be a rich woman!  Having a party venue solves this problem making it easy for anyone to host a party!