Pepper's Parties Customer Care Center

One key aspect of our new customer care center for 2017 is a multi-channel support system.

Here’s just a little of what this means for you:

  1. If you place an order online and need to ask about it, not only do Kathi and James see the request but your note is automatically forwarded to the fulfillment center who is handling the order.
  2. If you need to ask something about our store, it is forwarded to the Team Leader at Pepper’s Parties, Too!
  3. Need to ask about a specific product you see on our site? Our system makes it easy to get manufacture and distributor product experts into the loop as well has having the question forwarded to Kathi.
  4. We can now integrate our websites with our Pepper’s Parties, Too! Loyalty Points Membership!

Pepper’s Parties, Too! Loyalty Points

Over the last year our Loyalty Points membership has exploded!  Thank you so very much!  We expanded our program to include online discounts and sales for our Loyalty Points members.  With the program you’ll be able to apply most, if not all, of your online sales to your store points.  We also have special offers and members-only discounts for online sales.

Thank you for supporting our store both locally and throughout our online community.


We’re in the final process of ironing out a couple of procedures and details, but this will be ready to go by the end of January.

For My Party Hostess and Guests

We’ve done parties for over 20 years and still love it!  If you want to schedule a party and get free “Party Hostess” membership, just fill out our form.  We also have a special area where you can send your party guests and even those who cannot attend to buy online.  You’ll be able to apply the credits to your party!



Make an Online Purchase?

Just like when you shop at our store, we want to get you to our team members that can best help you!

We have online stores at PeppersParties.Com and PeppersParties.Net. To make sure that you get the best and fastest support for your order or online inquiry, be sure to not whether you are on our .com or .net site.