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Over our 20 years we have developed some great relationships with distributors, manufacturers, and specialty suppliers.  With  this incredible access to products, information, AND great pricing our web presence has radically evolved. The focus of the products sold directly from PeppersParties.Com are specially priced gift sets, product bundles, specialty store items and selections from preferred product vendors.

PepperParties.Com is the online rewards center for Pepper’s Parties’ hostesses and Pepper’s Parties Too! loyalty points customers.  We always provide our hostesses and loyalty points customers with first access to limited quantity products, time-sensitive offers, and other unique specials.

The Very Best in Quality at Very Fair Prices

Pretty Love products have received some rave reviews and we sell them at the store as fast as we can keep them in stock.  Here’s our Online Only spring romance baskets!

We want our online shopping experience to reflect the customer care and products that we sell at our sexual health and wellness boutique and our party presentation.

PeppersParties.NET is Kathi Pepper’s Warehouse to You Site has around 18,000 items available to you at any point in time. We have great lingerie selections, prompt shipping, and yes we’ve visited the warehouse. It’s awesome!

Many years ago, Kathi Pepper saw an HBO special that included a “super store” with aisles and aisles of products. Well, her dream comes true as she offers her warehouse-available products directly to you.

Because there are over 18,000 items available we don’t always do a good job of managing the prices. If you find a great deal, we’re glad to offer it to you! In the event you find a product you want, but find it cheaper at the manufacturer’s site or other valid offering source, we’ll at least match it. We honor all MAP and Distributor agreed prices.

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Pepper’s Parties presents the very best in bachelorette and in-home shows for women. While the sex toys are the highlight of the evening, the “Educationally Entertaining!” ™ shows by Kathi Pepper are truly that.

Who is Kathi Pepper?

When you are talking about sex, personal relationships, and sex toys you want someone who is professional, listens well, and gives you accurate information. Meet Kathi Pepper!

Kathi has conducted over 2500 shows in 20 years. Not only are there tons of stories to be told in regard to sex toys (we change the names to protect the guilty!), but a wealth of information is now assembled about how to communicate issues relating to sex and relationships in a professional, but entertaining venue.

Kathi has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. Her goal has always been to help good people have great sex while strengthening the relationship with their chosen partner.

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 Pepper’s Parties Customer Care Center

Our mission is to provide you with the best customer care, Educationally Entertaining™ sexual health and wellness information, and an exceptional shopping experience.  This is true regardless if you are visiting our store at Pepper’s Parties, Too!, attending a show hosted by Kathi Pepper, or shopping online at Pepper’s Parties Online Sex Toy Mall.

Have a question about a product you bought at our store?  Loyalty Points inquiry? Want some information about a product before you buy at our online specialty stores?  Would you like Kathi to contact you about a show or class?  Here’s the place!  We’ve added a complete ticket-based customer care center.  This will allow Kathi, James and their complete support team to answer you question as quickly as possible!



Pepper’s Parties Too! is our sexual health retail boutique. Kathi Pepper and her team have the information you want, the products you’ve asked, and an “Educationally Entertaining” shopping experience.


Kathi’s done shows for over 20 years and doesn’t plan to stop. Here’s here latest Pepper’s Parties catalog.


Kathi and James have been collecting tools and resources for selling via the independent party plan for a LONG TIME. Here’s your chance to see exactly how they do all that!


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